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I don't do second-hand furniture business, I'm into second-life and second chance furniture business

I'm Elle and, unlike other artists, I chose a different kind of "canvas" to paint on.

I've always felt the connection with furnitures, I loved colours all my life and when I finally understood that I could make something outstanding by connecting these 2 passions, something magic got born.

I'm dying everytime I see neglected furnitures on sale, I'd like to be able to take them all and repair and make them shine again.

I don't paint antique pieces, I don't want to cover history with paint, but I love seeing colourful grandma's armoires or bedside tables or dressers instead of old, ungly and unattractive furnitures which risk to meet soon 🔥

I decided some time ago, while struggling to promote my activity, to be honest, to be genuine and to share with people, my concerns and worries about saving instead of destroying, about giving a second life to objects that can be rescued.

The circle of second life for different objects, not only furnitures, is quite interesting.

We are moving too fast, we consume far too much compared to our existing resources, we put too easy stuff on the trash, we are by far, the generation that accelerated too much the speed of... spending. We are the generation that considers buying something new is the only option, generation that doesn't think twice before replacing... cars, houses, shoes, cloths, furnitures...friends, husbands, wives.

We don't make any effort to offer more time for the amortization of investment because we earn too much or because we work too much.

We may find many excuses for our destructive behaviour, but in the end, we must return to the most important wonder: what is the real price I pay for having that new something?

We all shall start considering the effect of our eagerness to have always the best Internet connection, newest technologies etc. New is not necessarily always best as well, sometimes old is greater, but it takes some efforts to get the rusty appearance off from the old thing, clean it and make it shine again.

So I'm Elle and I take the rust away feom furnitures; how amd what are you doing for helping out Earth from unnecessary spendings?

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