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Buying furniture from stores versus shopping from small businesses (refurbished)

Pluses and minuses are in everything we do! Every decision that we take comes with pros and cons, goods and bads.

One of the huge pros of buying from a large store, with multiple depos and stores across country or international is whatever you want, you'll have it! But you know that other hundreds of thousands of people will have identical pieces, that right?

We don't buy furniture everyday and personally I've always prefered that my interior design defines who I really am. That's actually how everything started: my great wish of having a house furnitured with my character.

Buying refurbished furniture, you have the chance to put your own ideas into that piece of furniture that the artist will create for you! Choose colours, design, functionalities - these are the biggest pluses of handpainted, refurbished furnitures.

I've done over the last year, hundred of pieces and for over half of them, together with my customers, I changed the original purpose of the furniture. From one and lonely bedside table (who's "sister" God knew where it got lost), always turned out amazing coffee tables for living rooms...

from old, unattractive and dated vitrines to beautiful and very functional bathroom storages...

Go online today and find one cheap old ugly piece, find a furniture artist and...give it a try. Offer your house something outstanding, encourage environment by choosing to offer a second life to an old furniture rather than be part of cutting new trees.

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