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About me...or about love for colors and wood


On the beautiful Valleys of Saar and Mosel rivers, on top of the hills around them and surrounded  by wonderful wineries, there is house of a dreamer. 


Moved in here few years ago from a big city and inspired by the local people, German, Belgium, French and Luxembourghish who care so much about environment, I started to pay attention myself to nature.

Because of these really important things that I learned from the local people, I started myself to consider re-using, to offer second chances to objects that, not long time ago, I would have easily thrown to trash.

So, here I am: a new Elle, spending free time reconditioning old furnitures instead of spending all  evenings in front of the TV, a 42 years old woman that forgot what commodity is and that spends almost every evening, painting and offering old  furnitures, a new shinier life.



Do you provide International delivery?


Yes, within Europe.

How do I track my order?


I am working with delivery companies that are providing tracking for transportation.



How can I contact your couriers?

I will  provide information when sending the products to delivery company.


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